Samsung Galaxy Note 4: A Review of Its Unique Features

Top 5 Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Previous month in October Samsung revealed the best Smartphone that it has ever made the successor of the Samsung Note Series the Samsung Note 4. The Note 4 had to face a very stiff competition from the Apple’s iPhone 6. But the Samsung Note 4 dominates the iPhone 6 in many of the hardware specs. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes along with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED 2K QUAD-HD display a 16MPp rear camera and a 3.7 MP front camera. The phone is designed and comes along with a function that enables 30% faster charging and an Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Here are some of the essential Unique Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Finger Print Scanner

The most amazing feature that creates a feeling of security among smartphone users is the fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes along with a fingerprint scanner sensor which enables you to lock and unlock your device, sign in to your accounts, and pay for goods using PayPal. To make use of this feature all you have to do is go to Settings – Finger scanner – Fingerprint manager after this you have to follow some simple steps and register your fingerprint scan and a backup password and after that, you are set to use this unique high-security feature.

Sticky Note

If you want to note down something not worrying about all this you can do so on your Samsung Note 4 with the help of Note 4’s integrated S-Pentoo make a sticky note and it will be pinned on your home screen. To do this all you have to do is hover your S-Pen over the phone display and after that select the option saying Action memo then to make it a stick note all you have to do is hold the pin icon which is there at the upper hand corner and now your sticky note can be placed anywhere on your Home Screen. When you don’t the Sticky Note anymore then you can remove it like we do to remove any icon from our home screen.

Clip and Share

The new Samsung Note 4 comes with many amazing features and clip and share is one among them. This feature enables you to clip a portion of an image using your S-Pen and share it amongst your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other place. For this hover your S-Pen over the screen and then choose image clip and then clip your image with the help of available shape tools and then share it using the share button.

Power Saving Mode

The Note 4 comes along with the best Power Saving Modes which are found to be only for the Samsung Note 4. Go to Settings – General then you see all the available options for the Power Saving Mode and the Ultra Power Saving Mode. The Power Saver Mode is the same which is found in every Samsung Android-powered device. But the Ultra PowerSavingg Mode is something very new and very advanced than the normal Power Saving Mode. This feature will not only convert your phone into a greyscale color palette but will only offer access to 6 basic functions Phone messaging and the Internet are the 3 default functions out of the six.

Touch Sensitivity

Keeping the thing of the Winter season in mind the Samsung Note 4 comes along with yet another unique feature called the Touch sensitivity feature which enables you to work on your Note 4 by wearing gloves and the Unique Feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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