Top Travel Apps for Stress-Free Holiday Adventures

Top Travel Apps for Holiday Travel

Are you planning to take a holiday? There are plenty of apps out there to get you where you need to go, book hotels and transportation, and find luscious places to eat—there are hundreds of travel apps.

Here’s a list of the most popular and helpful travel apps to make your holiday traveling easier.

  • Foodspotting
    Recommendations on dishes instead of just restaurants.
  • Sit or Squat
    Need to go to the bathroom, and you can’t wait? Sit or Squat will save you.
  • Gas Buddy
    Gas Buddy shows you the least expensive gas station wherever you are and is particularly great if you don’t know the area (US and Canada only)
  • Pulse
    Read the news, and blogs and connect to your social networks.
  • Flight View
    Pricing varies from free to $3.99 based on your mobile phone. Flight View lets you check arrivals, departures, parking, weather and more.
  • Hotel Tonight
    Hotel Tonight lets you book hotels on the same day for up to 70% off in most major cities and airports.
  • Accuweather
    Accuweather is a great weather app to plan your travel needs.
  • Spotify
    Get access to millions of songs for free with Spotify. You can also share the songs you are listening to and love easily through your social network.
  • Opera Mini Browser
    Opera Mini browsers compress data to use just ten percent bandwidth of other mobile browser options, which speeds up the whole experience.
  • WiFi Finder
    This finds Wi-Fi hotspots close to your location and gives you details on how to contact them and if it’s free or paid access.
  • TripIt
    This app is a lifesaver. TripIt collates all your hotel, car, and flight confirmation emails into one handy travel itinerary.

Regardless of where you are traveling this holiday season, don’t be caught with your charge down. Take a travel kit that includes a spare battery for your cell phone, and an extra cell phone charger, and be sure to pack a spare camera battery. The best apps in the world won’t help you if your phone isn’t charged.

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