The Underestimated – A Comparitive Blackberry Passport Review

2014 is a year where every mobile brand has been involved in launching their flagship phones with better specs and features. In this rat race, Blackberry was the brand that took a brave step and launched the Blackberry Passport a new and unique phone. We carefully examined the phone and instead of a traditional Blackberry Passport Review, we came up with instances where this phone outperforms others.

1. Say Bye Bye to your Laptop

Passport is the “ultimate business phone”, whether it is spreadsheets or emails blackberry again proves that it does what it does best. This smartphone has been optimized for all your working needs and boasts 3GB RAM to promise great performance with greater utility. Above all, it has a 3,450mAh battery which will last for more than a day even under heavy usage.

2. Square Display

The first thing you will notice about this phone is the square display which may seem a bit awkward but is the best thing that may happen to a smartphone. This 4.5-inch display offers you 30% wider coverage than your traditional 5-inch displays allowing you to see more of your webpages. 1440 x 1440 pixels resolution and 453 ppi pixel density ensure that the display is no less than so-called “revolutionary”.

3. Return of the Qwerty

For those of you who missed the control and responsiveness that the touch phone keyboards lack, blackberry is now with this amazing qwerty smartphone. It is smooth but with this keyboard blackberry has gone a step further, you can navigate and type just by gliding your fingers on the keyboard.

4. Amazing design with superb built Quality

It is one of the most stunning smartphones ever, Beautifully crafted this smartphone has a steel frame that looks superb. The blend of premium black finish and steel frame works great. The phone looks gorgeous and is the ultimate device that you would love to flaunt.

5. It is a “Blackberry”

Blackberry as a brand has a strong reputation for phones that appeal more to working professionals than to multimedia users. Strong-built quality and optimized for working, Blackberry is and always will be the choice for those looking for a phone that deals with serious business seriously. So for all the Blackberry fans we finally have not only a good Blackberry device but a great Blackberry device.

6. Finally Blackberry has a good camera phone

Blackberry has always been blamed for making phones that don’t have cameras that perform well enough but with the Passport, Blackberry wants to write a whole new story. 13 Mega Pixels of sensor power giving you great image quality. The image is sharp, the colors are realistic and works fine under low-light conditions.

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