Transform Your Smartphone into a Black Light: Revealing the Unseen

Turn Your Smartphone’s Flash Into a Black Light

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of turning your simple smartphone into a black light? The results are pretty amazing. Not only do you get a black light but with the smartphone, you can capture stunning images. Well, stunning might not always be in the positive sense.

While you can click amazing and vibrant images with the black light, it also reveals things that may seem quite revolting. The toilet seat at the public washroom may appear to be clean and hygienic, but if you click a picture of the seat with a black light, you will be shocked to see the amount of germs that line the seat.

Turning your smartphone into a black light isn’t difficult. You would need some felt pens (dark blue and purple), some clear tape and a smartphone that has flash. That’s all there is to it. Before you work on creating the “smartphone black light”, make sure that the flash is powerful enough to work as intended.

Follow these steps to convert your smartphone into a cool black light device.

  • Clean your smartphone’s rear surface to clear any dust that may have settled on it.
  • Apply a small strip of clear tape over the flashlight. Use the blue coloured felt pen to colour over the portion of the tape that is directly above the flash.
  • Let the ink dry before adding another strip of clear tape over it. Use the blue coloured pen to colour over the portion of the tape.
  • You have to wait for this layer to dry again. Add the third and final strip of clear tape and then apply a layer of purple colour with the help of the felt pen.
  • Wait for the final layer of colour to dry completely. When done, you should have your very own black light. Simple, wasn’t it?

To test your new black light, walk into any public washroom and turn off the lights. Turn on your flashlight and then take a picture of the toilet seat. It should reveal the stains and germs that have been left despite cleaning it. You will see something like this.

Pretty weird, right? Well, this is not the only thing that you can do with the new light effect. Use colours and ink that would show up in black light to create cool designs as well as make-up which would appear stunning when captured in black light. I would prefer using the iPhone to any other smartphone because this is what worked out for me. But you can try it out with your smartphone. If you get really good images with the black light, then do share them with us.

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